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Paper 1 - Media Warfare: A Global Challenge in the 21st Century.

Written by Rajib Ghani


Paper 2 - Strategic Communications and the Challenges of the Post 9/11 World

Written by Philip M. Taylor


Paper 3 - The Impact of Mobile Digital Technology on Influencing Behaviors

Written by W. Hutchinson


Paper 4 - Journalist in the Zone of Armed Conflicts: The Need to Respect International Humanitarian Law

Written by Azlena Khalid


Paper 5 - Outcome Based Education: A Computational Measurement on Special Librarian Intelligence Compentency

Written by Azrilah Abdul Aziz


Paper 6 - Constructing War Accounts in Malaysia

Written by Che Mahzan Ahmad


Paper 7 - Non-Violence Approach: The Challenge in Philippine Broadcasting

Written by Clarita Valdez – Ramos


Paper 8 - Global Media Versus Peace Journalism

Written by Faridah Ibrahim


Paper 9 - The Impact of Photo Images as Propaganda for Peace

Written by Kamarudzaman Md. Isa


Paper 10 - Deleted Movie Device's Evidences Recovery: A Review

Written by Yap Lee Fueng


Paper 11 - Our Media and Our Violent Generations in the World: A Psychological Perspective

Written by Ihshan Gumilar


Paper 12 - A Perception Assessment on Security Awareness in Malaysia Government Agencies in Malaysia Government by Rasch Model

Written by Mohd Ismail Ahmad


Paper 13 - Social Tension: The Paradox of Malaysian Online Journalism

Written by Rahmat Ghazali


Paper 14 - No News is Good News: What You See and What You Don't Get to See

Written by Syed Alwi Shahab


Paper 15 - The Many Faces and Facets of War: Redrawing the Boundaries and Focus of Warfare in Contemporary and Focus of Warfare in Contemporary International Affairs

Written by Tang Siew Mun


Paper 16 - Global Knowledge Structure, International Political Economy and Justice

Written by Yuslinda Mat Yassin & Munis Paran


Paper 17 - Media Ethnic: An Islamic Perspective

Written by Muhammad Amanullah


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