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Paper 1 - Symbol and Labels in War Reporting: A Study on the Nature of Prejudice from the Perspectives of General Semantics

Written by Rajib Ghani & Faridah Ibrahim


Paper 2 - The Media and Information Enviroments Ten Years After 9/11

Written by Gary D. Rawnsley


Paper 3 - Measuring Malaysian Public Perception with Secret-Eye

Written by Siti Zaleha Zainal Abidin, Nasiroh Omar & M. Hamiz M. Radzi


Paper 4 - Cyber Journalism: Bridging the Gap between Professionalism and Epistemology

Written by Faridah Ibrahim


Paper 5 - Presage Criteria for Blog Credibility Assessment using Rasch Analysis

Written by Sharifah Aliman, Saadiah Yahya & Syed Ahmad Aljunid


Paper 6 - "Are We Shootin' People or What?": Critical Reflections of War in Popular Films

Written by Jamaludin Aziz, Mohd Nor Shahizan Ali & Fuzirah Hashim


Paper 7 - Securing DNA Information from Selective Attack on Humans

Written by Noor Elaiza A. Khalid, Siti Zaleha Zainal Abidin & Izyan I. Kamsani


Paper 8 - Strategic Reporting in Maintaining Public Diplomacy

Written by Sharon Wilson & Faridah Ibrahim



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