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Paper 1 - Goods and Service Tax: Opinion Leaders Persuasion Strategies

Written by Abd Rasid Abd Rahman and Amirulhamzah Mohd Amin


Paper 2 -  Animation Propaganda: The Hidden Messages In Disney Princess Animation That Affects Children Learning

Written by Nur Atiqah Sia Abdullah and Nadia Masturah Zaki


Paper 3 - Online Incivility: The Shaping Of Online Discussion By Malaysiakini

Written by Megat Farez Zuhairin bin Zakaria and Mohd Yusof Ahmad


Paper 4 - Neurolinguistic Programming (Nlp) And Transformational Leadership: A Conceptual Model For Malaysian Women Leader And Representative

Written by Nur Amira Nutfah binti Zulkifli


Paper 5 - Gastrodiplomacy As A Soft Power Tool To Enhance Nation Brand

Written by Fatin Mahirah Solleh 

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