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By Centre for Media and Information Warfare Studies, UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

Latest Update!!

Journal of Media and Information Warfare (JMIW) is proud to announce that Dr Yuliandre Darwis from Universitas Andalas and Ika Karlina Idris from Universitas Paramadina, Indonesia, have been added as our International Reviewers. Welcome aboard Dr Yuliandre and Ms Ika Karlina!

Journal of Media and Information Warfare (JMIW) Volume XIV (1) has successfully been uploaded!!!

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Important Dates

The Journal of Media and Information Warfare accepts and publishes papers online in June and December every year. If you are interested to share and publish your research findings with us, please submit your paper based on the following dates:

  •  Submission of papers –  1st June - 31st August 2021
  •  Notification to authors – 1st October 2021
  •  Submission of camera-ready papers –  15th November 2021
  •  Published online – 1st December 2021

To submit your paper, please click here. Accepted papers will be published in Journal of Media and Information Warfare Volume 14 Issue 2.

About the Journal

The Journal of Media and Information Warfare (JMIW), an international academic journal with an inter-disciplinary approach, is published by the Centre for Media and Information Warfare Studies, an excellence centre under the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia. This journal is one of its kind combining multifarious academic disciplines such as media and warfare, information technology, psychology of human behavior, political science, international politics, intelligence, propaganda, public diplomacy, peace and civil security studies. With these combination and convergence of knowledge, the journal manifests itself as a pioneer of a new frontier of knowledge in influence and persuasion activities.

JMIW opens up the door for intellectual discussions, research and academic debate to:

  • Media, expert’s information technology, political science, public diplomacy, intelligence, psychology and others could generate ideas and research findings of acceptable academic quality.
  • Media and information warfare scholars to build a strong culture of research in warfare studies which may contribute to the epistemology and ontology of the discipline.

Aim and Scope

Journal of Media and Information Warfare (JMIW) aims to publish research papers related to warfare studies of media, social and information technologies. The journal thus seeks and accepts original articles including reviews and appraisal of literature, empirical studies, conceptual studies and quantitative & qualitative contributions to the theories and applications media, social and information warfare studies.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial evaluation from the Editor-in-Chief, and if found suitable for further consideration, will be peer-reviewed by at least two (2) independent, anynomous reviewers who are expert in the field.

JMIW publishes twice in a year: June & December.

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