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Paper 1 - The Challenges of Digital Inequalities in Online and Remote Learning on B40 Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Written by Muhammad Naim Muhamad Ali, Wan Hartini Wan Zainodin, Tengku Elena Tengku Mahamad


Paper 2 - Guardians of Truth, Targets of Harassment: The Untold Stories of Workplace Harassment Among Pakistani Female Journalists

Written by Iqra Iqbal, Sara Chinnasamy, Shifa Binti Faizal


Paper 3 - A Focus on 3R Dynamics (Royal, Religion, Race): Analysing News Priming and Social Media Sentiment Via Facebook

Written by Nur Amalina Sahuddin, Magdalena Sabbas, Ian Kennedy


Paper 4 - Engaging the Millennial: Negotiating Public Values in the Production of Cultural Texts

Written by Ghozian Aulia Pradhana, Md Azalanshah Md Syed, Hamedi Mohd Adnan


Paper 5 - Stereotype of the Word “Jihad” and its Influence Towards Non-Muslim Community Perception in Malaysia

Written by Magdalena Sabbas


Paper 6 - New Media Literacy and its Impact on Moral Behaviour among Generation Z in Klang Valley

Written by Hilyati Salwa Shokri, Mohd Sufiean Hassan & Siti Nurshahidah Sah Allam


Paper 7 -  New Threat Landscape (Ntl): The Role of Social Media Towards Counter-Insurgency and Radicalism

Written by Jefferson Gubak & Khairudin Murad


Paper 8 -  AI Systems and Content Moderation Tiktok as a Digital Safety Platform in Shaping a Pleasant Environment: A Qualitative Approach

Written by Nur Syafiqah Ambran, Wan Hartini Wan Zainodin, Muhammad Naim Muhamad Ali


Paper 9 -  Military Activism in Malaysia and its Boycott Towards Mcdonald’s Malaysia: A Case Study of Palestine-Israel Conflict

Written by Muhammad Amirul Abrar Abdullah



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