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Paper 1 - A Systematic Review: The Influence of TikTok Contents and its Effects towards Mental Health among Youth in Malaysia

Written by Azlan Rathy


Paper 2 - Effectiveness of Traditional Media and Social Media Sustainability Communication in Influencing Green Consumption Intention

Written by Nurul Hidayana Mohd Noor, Ku Nor Ayuni Ku Puteh, Nur Batrisyia Nordin, Mohammad Amir Hakimi Syamsul Amri, Farah Nur Izzati Mohd Sazali, Mohamad Izzuwan Fahmie Kamaluddin


Paper 3 - Examining the Role of Visuals in Influencing Participation in Social Movements: A Case Study of Malaysia

Written by Mohd Firdauz Mohd Fathir, Ismail Sualman


Paper 4 - What Does Youth Want? A Qualitative Study On The Type Of Leadership Preferred By Malaysian Youth

Written by Mohd Yusof Zulkefli, Nur Sabrina Zulkifli, Aiman Hakim Mohd Azizan, Nur Hidayah Mohd Bozid, Mohamad Alief Iqbal Saidin, Earizan Mustin,


Paper 5 - The Use of Tiktok Among Millennials During General Election 15 (GE15) Campaign

Written by Nur Syahira Md Subre, Ahlam Abdul Aziz, Dzaa Imma Abdul Latif


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