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Paper 1 - Malaya Media Warfare in World War-II During The Japanese Invasion (1941-1945): Propaganda Airborne Leaflets

Written by Wardatul Hayat Adnan and Dazmin Daud


Paper 2 - Wahyu dah kurang: Journalism Practice Among Journalists in Malaysian Mainstream Media Agencies during Pakatan Harapan Tenure

Written by Zafira Syamim Anwar and Nuurrianti Jalli


Paper 3 - The Influence of Media on the Voting Behaviour Among the Semai Orang Asli at the 14th General Election in Malaysia

Written by Nurmalis Musa and Ismail Sualman


Paper 4 - The Understanding of Nonverbal Communication Skills Among Secondary School Students Towards Teaching and Learning

Written by Mohd Shahnawi Muhmad Pirus and Syed Faizal Sitheek Rahman

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